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Our people – our greatest asset

At Mandaris, people – customers and employees alike – always come first. We take great care of both, laying a firm foundation for long-lasting collaboration that is as fruitful as it is harmonious.

These are the people whose commitment is to give you professional service every time: 

Alexandre von Heeren

Managing Partner, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Barbara Schnell

Partner, Member of the Board of Directors, Senior Advisor Trusts and Companies

Marta Brodmann


Michèle Döring

Vice President of Mandaris Ltd.
Head of Business Development Malta Services
Member of The Board Malta

Caroline Gebhardt-Zimmer

Executive and Mandate Assistant

Vanessa Grezda


Matthias Gunti


Hannah Löken

Vice President of Mandaris Ltd.
Human Resources

Nataliia Oberemok

Executive and Mandate Assistant

Barbara Papapietro


Sara Ramadani

Mandate Assistant

Hosna Sekandari

Mandate Assistant/ Receptionist

Benjamin Stähli

Vice President of Mandaris Ltd.
Head of Accounting

David Waibel

Tax Consultant

Paul Waibel

Tax Consultant

Dominik Wasmer

Legal & Compliance Officer