Structured Finance

Solid foundation for growth

Ideas and investments help companies grow. For over thirty years, financing concepts developed by Mandaris in Switzerland have promoted entrepreneurship in Europe and worldwide. Services are provided in the fields of capital and investment loan procurement as well as escrow services. Our specialists advise you on all matters pertaining to corporate strategy, finance, real estate and international trade.

Securitisation Services

The Mandaris group of companies is specialised in the area of asset structuring, including securitisation through its Coprolin platform. We were amongst the first to make use of the innovative Maltese legal framework in the area of securitisation, which has introduced new platform-type models for securitisations. This enables us to make any asset class accesible, marketable and bankable - for your benefit.
Malta is known for its stable economy and generally business-friendly environment. The tax-efficiency and cost-effectiveness makes it the ideal place for securitisation transactions in the Eurozone.


Set-up of securitisation schemes through a Securitisation Cell Company (SCC), a company incorporated for the sole object of entering into securitisation transactions. A SCC establishes within itself one or more cells for the purpose of entering into securitisation transactions. While a securitisation cell is not a legal person separate from the securitisation cell company, it constitutes by law a separate and completely ring-fenced patrimony of the SCC.

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