Newsletter October 2020

Mandaris Setting Sails

Mandaris is expanding its activities beyond its core services in the fiduciary and financial sector. More precisely, Mandaris is applying its established core competences and services to the marine industry.


Securitization services for the structuring of the ownership and financing of large yachts

Yachts are typically owned by special purpose vehicles, through which the operation and financing is organized. While this works well from an operations point of view, it is usually substantially more cumbersome to achieve the objectives from a  financing perspective. Pledging of shares in order to guarantee the financing or trading of shares of private companies is inefficient. Through securitization the yacht becomes a tradable security and can be deposited on a regular custodial account, e.g. with the bank that finances the yacht. Such securities can also be electronically transferred from one custody account to another, through regular clearing and without the need for an escrow agent.


Services to focus on the essence of boating

As much as being on a boat is a pleasure, its administration and maintenance  can become burdensome. Mandaris’ motto, values and objectives are all about putting its officers’ competences and experience at the service of its customers. It is therefore a natural step for Mandaris to offer boat and yacht owners all the support needed, so that they can focus on the pleasant side of owning a boat or yacht, while Mandaris will take care of the whole process of registration as well as the organization of maintenance.



Mandaris Marine Ltd. and Laguna Marina Ltd have joined forces to launch a new concept for Malta, the MemberBoats.Club. Our members can now experience the pleasures of boating without the inconveniences of ownership. It is all about prestige, flexibility and hassle-free boating on very modern high-end day boat models, year-round and for an all-inclusive annual fee.


You will find an interview Alexandre von Heeren gave in the October 2020 issue of Powerboat & RIB Magazine. You may wish to access it through their free online version of the magazine.


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Alexandre von Heeren

Managing Partner, Chairman of the Board of Directors

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